Dairy Free Cheese

Products like dairy free cheese, yogurts, puddings, cream cheese and sour cream are usually made from soy ingredients. That is true of the cheese reviewed in this post.

While that isn't helpful for those with a soy allergy, soy products can be wonderful substitutes for those with a dairy allergy.

That is why this product review is one of the exceptions to the "top 8 free" rule of the allergy free food finds you'll find on this website.

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I came across Vegan Gourmet's cheese at my local specialty food store and decided to give it a try. My store had cheddar and mozzarella versions of this cheese product available so I chose the mozzarella (as usual, I had pizza on my mind!) This product comes in a block, not in slices or "singles".

The texture is very soft but, surprisingly, it grates very easily. It also melts pretty well making it the perfect dairy free option for pizza...that's right, pizza! While I wouldn't sit down and eat this cheese product on its own, it is great melted on top of things or mixed with other ingredients.

.The first block that I purchased sat in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks and, when I took it out to try again, it had gone bad...very bad.

The next time I purchased it, I grated the entire block right away and put it in the freezer in an airtight container. (After I did it, I noticed the packaging suggests doing this).

The bottom line: If you can have soy but are avoiding dairy, you'll want to Vegan Gourmet products a try

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