Soy Substitutes

Like many food allergies, having a soy allergy means preparing food from scratch more often since prepared foods at grocery stores often contain soy in one form or another. Finding soy substitutes can be a challenge especially if you also have a dairy allergy as many dairy substitutes contain soy.

While we eat soy freely in our house, we did avoid it for a while because of a false-positive allergy test (we didn't know it was false at the time, of course!) I can really sympathize with those of you avoiding both dairy and soy because your substitute options can be difficult to find. You'll notice that a lot of soy AND dairy free products are coconut based. Please note that coconut, according to the FDA, is a tree nut (though, technically it is a fruit). Either way, be sure that coconut is a safe alternative for you.

This page has been mostly put together based on requests from visitors looking for substitutions for soy based foods. If you have a substitute that is not listed, please share it with me!


If you can have dairy, this one is pretty obvious - cow's milk should fit the bill nicely. But if you are allergic to dairy AND soy, it isn't quite as obvious. Dairy and soy free options include potato, rice, hemp, almond and coconut milk. While they vary in calorie and protein content, most milk substitutes are fortified with comparable amounts of calcium and vitamin D. You can read about other milk substitutes on the dairy substitutes page.


When I first started looking for soy free margarine, I had a very difficult time finding it. The options that I found were both made especially for Passover (Mother's Margarine for Passover and Migdal Margarine for Passover) and can only be found in stores at that time.

Luckily, there is now a soy, dairy free margarine that is available year round. It is Earth Balance Buttery Spread. Earth balance makes a variety of "buttery spreads" so be sure to find the soy free variety. You can use this in cooking and baking just like you would use butter and it is free of trans fats.


Most shortening varieties that you find at the regular grocery store are made from soybean oil (and most contain trans fats). Spectrum shortening is a great option if you are avoiding soybean oil. It is sold in tubs on

and can also be found in your local specialty food store. If you have a dairy AND soy allergy, this would be a great alternative to margarine for baking.

Coconut oil is another substitute option that can be used in place of shortening and margarine. Just use the same amount of coconut oil as you would shortening or margarine.

Soy Sauce

Do a web search for "soy free soy sauce" and you'll find a number of ideas on how to make it yourself.

Don't feel like making it from scratch? Again, there is a coconut based "soy" sauce that is soy free. You can also find it at



I have to admit, I have never had miso so I wouldn't miss it if I had to avoid soy. If one of the visitors to this site hadn't asked meabout a miso soup substitution, I wouldn't have sought out a substitute. I searched the Internet and found South River Miso, a company that makes several types of soy free miso. They also have recipes for miso soup. If you are missing miso or feeling adventurous, check it out!


If you aren't allergic to dairy, this is what would be called a "no-brainer". Go grab your favorite variety out of the dairy case and enjoy! If you are avoiding dairy AND soy, however, cheese can be more difficult to track down. One option is Rice Vegan Slices. Read more about Rice Vegan Slices here.

Ice Cream

Again, if you're not allergic to dairy, you should be able to find a lot of ice cream options. If you're allergic to dairy AND soy, you have fewer options. If coconut is a "safe" alternative for you, Allergy Free Ice Cream.


Once again, if you're not allergic to dairy this one is pretty easy. If you are allergic to dairy AND soy, coconut milk yogurt is one option for you. And, again, Turtle Mountain makes a variety of coconut based products, including coconut milk yogurt. You can find it at your local specialty food store.

Chocolate Chips

Enjoy Life makes a variety of soy free, dairy free, nut free chocolate chips. They taste like any other type of chocolate chip so they work well in cookies and bars. They also melt well so they can be used in things like fudge and other candies. Click on the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip photo to the right for more information.

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