Meal Planning With Food Allergies

Meal planning is a good idea for everyone - not just those of us eating with food allergies. If you're not a "planner" you might be somewhat resistant to the idea of thinking days ahead of time about "what's for dinner". Here are some reasons why planning ahead is a great idea:

Planning ahead makes you and your family healthier
When someone in the family already has a restricted diet, it can sometimes make it difficult to get a balanced diet. If you plan ahead and have a variety of foods from each food group on hand, you will be able to ensure that everyone is getting what they need.

Planning ahead saves money
When you have a meal plan and write a grocery list based on it, you are more efficient at the grocery store and only buy what you need. You will also find that fewer things, like produce, go to waste because you bought it with a specific meal in mind. A good plan and grocery list based on that plan also helps you to avoid buying foods on impulse.

Planning ahead saves time and stress
When do you usually think about what you're going to make for dinner? Most people don't think about it until they walk through the door after a long day of doing whatever they do. Unfortunately, people often have many things to do when they walk through the door - making dinner is just one other distraction.

When you've planned ahead you can save yourself the time and stress involved with figuring out what to make with minutes to get it done. Also, it can save you trips to the grocery store. This is even more important for those of us eating with food allergies because many of the foods that we need can only be found at specialty stores or, for people without a specialty food store nearby, online. Our special food requirements make it even more important to plan ahead.

Are you ready to begin meal planning?

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