Philly Swirl Popperz

Recently, while at the grocery store, I was scanning the freezer aisle for ice cream when I came across Philly Swirl Popperz. At first glance, they reminded me of the orange push-ups that I used to love as a kid. I examined the label and discovered that the product was free of the top 8 allergens and even specified that it is peanut/tree nut, gluten and dairy free and is manufactured in a peanut/tree nut free facility.

According to the box, Swirl Popperz are "Swirled Italian squeeze up tubes that are fat free, dairy free and made with real fruit juice".

The treats come in three flavors: Rainbow (white lemon, blueberry and cherry flavors), Cherry Melon (cherry and watermelon flavors) and Cotton Candy. While they are all pretty tasty, the sweet and sour combination of the lemon and fruit in the Rainbow flavor made it my favorite.

My kids, however, had no preference as all of the flavors are sweet, delicious and just plain fun to eat (watch out though, the slurping fun can lead to serious stains on the t-shirts). In addition, I can't help but mention that each push up contains a mere 66 calories which makes it a guiltless treat for everyone.

The Bottom Line: These treats are cool, refreshing, free of the top 8 allergens, can be found at the regular grocery store and are kid approved (at least in my house). What's not to like?

To learn more about Philly Swirl products and where they can be purchased, visit the website at

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