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Welcome to the food allergy store!

While this isn't an actual store, it is a collection of products that I use or think would be helpful for those eating with food allergies.

Many of the products listed in the "store" include links to online retailers where you can purchase them.  This does not increase the cost of the item but it does earn this website a small commission (please click here to read the Eating With Food Allergies Advertising Disclosure Statement).  

The money earned through these affiliate programs helps to keep this site up and running. Thank you!


No matter how you slice it, eating with food allergies requires more cooking.  Having some good cookbooks that are geared toward those of us living with food allergies can be very helpful, especially if you're just learning how to cook.  To see a list of cookbooks that I have in my kitchen cupboard (and some that I would like to add to my collection), go to the food allergy cookbooks page.

Reference Books

The first book I purchased after my son was diagnosed with food allergies was The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies by Marianne Barber.  It was comforting to read another parent's account of having a child with food allergies and learning more about managing the challenges we face.

To see a list of other books on managing food allergies, go to the Food Allergy Reference Books page.

Children's Books

As food allergy parents, part of our job is to teach our kids about their food allergies.  What are food allergies?  How do they stay safe? How do they explain it to their friends?

Luckily, there are so many great children's books to help kids at every age learn about their food allergies.  To see some of my favorites, go to the Children's Books About Food Allergies page.

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