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December 2007

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Eating Out With Food Allergies
This time of year it seems everyone is on-the-go a little more than usual. When there is so much to do away from home, it is hard to escape the need to eat away from home as well. When you're eating with food allergies, it might seem like a daunting task to go to a restaurant and trust your or your child's health to whomever prepares your food. That's how I felt about eating out until I decided to get some tips straight from the chefs' mouths, so to speak. I went on two online forums for professional chefs and asked, "How do you deal with food allergies?" To read about my discoveries click here.

Food Find of the Month

Even if you enjoy cooking and baking most of the time, a short cut in the form of a baking mix can be a nice treat. And if you haven't tried Cherrybrook Kitchen baking mixes, you are definitely in for a treat!

I recently tried the Cherrybrook Kitchen Wheat Free/Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix after discovering it at our regular grocery store. It only required a few ingredients to be added including "safe" margarine, water and vanilla. Like most "allergy-free" products, these mixes are a bit pricey compared to their "allergen-filled" counterparts selling for between $5 and $6 per box with each mix making about two dozen cookies. On the other hand, if you buy all of the ingredients that you need to make these cookies from scratch (and factor in the time that it takes to do so), the price isn't too bad.

If you can't find them in your area, you can click on the link above to go to where they sell them in bulk. Amazon has a pretty good price (the price they are selling them at now is just over $5/box when you buy 6) and shipping is free with their Super Saver Shipping. You might wonder why you would need 6 boxes of them at a time but, after you try them, you'll be glad to have a few extras on hand!

Recipes of the Month: Holiday Baking

For me, it just isn't the holiday season without making a few batches of my favorite cookies and candy.

Because that is so important to me, I was a little depressed the December following my son's food allergy diagnosis. What traditional holiday cookies could I make that didn't have dairy, eggs, wheat or nuts? Little did I know that the possibilities were...well, not exactly endless BUT there were quite a few possibilities.

This year, I've been testing a lot of the old favorites - without all of the allergens (of course!) I haven't quite gotten my baking fix yet so check back on the Recipes page for new recipes all month.

Following is a list of links to new recipes at Eating With Food Allergies and a couple of old ones, too. All of them are recipes that we enjoy during the holidays at our house. I hope that you find some that you like and that are good enough share with your whole family! Happy baking!

Happy Holidays
Food allergies can be especially difficult to manage during the holiday season. With traveling, going to parties and gathering with family, allergen-filled foods are more difficult to avoid.

I want to wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy holiday season that is filled with the best of the season's (allergy free) eatings! Until next year....

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