EarthBalance soy free buttery spread

by Liz
(Concord, CA)

Made from palm, canola, safflower and olive oils, sunflower lecithin, pea protein and natural flavor derived from corn. Not perfect for everyone, but works for my significant other who has allergies to soy, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, chocolate, garlic, onions and sulfur. As one who only suffers from shellfish/fish allergies, it's not quite the taste of real butter, but it probably will be a treat for those who haven't been able to consume regular butter or soy containing margarine. Although I've not yet baked or cooked with it, the melting properties appear to be similar to other tub butters/soy-based margarine. I know it is available in some Whole Foods -- not sure what the national distribution of it is, but my local store stocked it after I brought it to their attention.

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